Analog vs. Digital two way radio

 TIME to look at two way radio’s future!



Currently less expensive radios.

Currently more choice in equipment avail.

More “natural” sound.

Interoperability is 100 % between brands & users.


Much better privacy expectation.

Potential for 2 users to use 1 frequency –at the same time.**

NO “static”.

Digital typically reduces background noise-enhances only voice.

Digital is narrowband compliant- and already compliant for the next  round of Narrow banding when it happens.

Longer battery life per charge (portables-  25% or so).

Data capability (text messaging, Internet linking multiple sites-

Even worldwide, GPS location capability, video, ability to private

Call a user- without the other users hearing it**, etc)

All current Digital radios offer legacy analog operation. This is

Great as a migration tool and interop going forward.

Digital may extend useable range.

**DMR only


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